IATP Offers Free Training OpportunitiesSwitch making training with students from Peoria

IATP offers a wide range of training opportunities for community members, organizations, and professionals. The goal of our trainings is to increase participants’ knowledge, skills, and competencies related to AT. Trainings can be provided in-person or through video conferencing and can be customized based on the needs of the requesting group. Examples of topics include:

  • An Introduction to Assistive Technology
  • AT to support aging related needs
  • AT and accommodations for education, transitions, and/or employment
  • Specific AT categories and options (i.e. communication, vision, hearing, memory, learning, etc.)
  • Accessibility options for mobile devices
  • Funding resources to support AT acquisition
  • AT policies and advocacy
  • Accessible educational materials, resources, and other services
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT) Accessibility
  • Implementing best practices

Please contact us to learn more about requesting and scheduling IATP training opportunities.

Founders of AECorner

Adaptive Equipment and Caregiving Corner(AE Corner) is an Illinois small business that offers education and training developed and presented by licensed therapists (Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapy). A library of short videos targeted to help individuals and caregivers is now available through the IATP partnership and allows you to access informative training resources when it best meets your schedule. AECorner’s Support Library includes the following Video Series:

  • Caregiver Series: Whether you’re new to caregiving or a seasoned caregiver, this series not only shows you ways to provide safe care but also ways to keep yourself safe, too.
  • Home Safety Tool Kit: This series helps family caregivers assess and set up a loved one’s home environment for a successful return after a stay in a hospital or skilled nursing facility.
  • Preparing for Hip Surgery: This series helps individuals and family caregivers prepare themselves and their home for a successful return after hip surgery.
  • Preparing for Knee Surgery: This series helps individuals and family caregivers prepare themselves and their home for a successful return after knee surgery.
  • Pick Your Fit Exercise Series:  This is a collection of exercises and stretches that meet the individual at their particular physical skill level. Whether it’s gentle stretching while sitting in a chair or leg strengthening exercises performed lying down, this series has something for everyone.

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