Device Loan

The purpose of IATP’s device loan program is to let borrowers trial devices in the environments of their choice so that they may make informed decisions about what best meets their needs before purchasing a device from a vendor. The device loan program can also be used to provide a backup system when a device is in for repairs and/or while waiting for a device to be delivered. IATP does not sell assistive technology devices or endorse particular products.

How to Borrow A Device

IATP’s device loan program is free and easy to use. All device loans are for 6 weeks unless otherwise specified. The only cost the borrower will incur is the return shipment. To request a device, choose from any of the following methods. Please fill out one request per device recipient. To request a device extension, please contact IATP.

Device Library

Not sure what you want to borrow? Search for specific devices or browse by category through IATP’s device inventory list. You may then add devices to a virtual shopping cart and submit a device loan application for the devices you choose with or without registering for an account.

If after searching for a device you are still uncertain as to what devices might be best to trial, consider using our Information and Assistance and/or Device Demonstration services.

Borrow Devices

Register or Login to our Device Loan Application System. By registering for an account you will have the ability to submit loan requests, check the status of your requests, view a history of requested devices and more. Please contact us if you have any issues or need assistance.

Request Forms

Download the device request form, print it out and fax to (217)-522-8067.

The form allows you to type directly in the document, or you can fill it out by hand. Adobe Acrobat (New Page) is required to access the PDF forms. Rich text can be viewed and edited in any word processing program.