Visit us to explore assistive technology (AT) options that might best meet your needs. Device demonstrations are personal appointments with an assistive technology specialist that provide an opportunity to discuss your needs, learn about possible AT solutions, and compare and contrast different AT devices, their features, and possible benefits.

IATP’s assistive technology demonstration center is centrally located in the state at our main office in Springfield. The Center includes a very large inventory of AT devices representing multiple different AT categories. Contact IATP to schedule an appointment. If visiting the center in-person is not possible, video conferencing appointments are available. Some demonstrations are able to be provided at alternative locations. In addition, agency partners may borrow an AT demonstration kit. This service is available and free of charge to all Illinois residents. IATP does not sell assistive technology or endorse particular products. Contact us for more information.

Demonstration Center Areas include:

  • General aids for daily living:
    • Kitchen with accessible cabinets, cooking aids and adapted eating utensils
    • Bedroom with hospital bed and lift chair
    • Bathroom with an accessible shower, overhead lift, medicine reminders, dressing and grooming aids
    • Environmental Control
    • Items for Recreation
    • Handmade AT items such as book holders, cardholders, modified grips, and switches
  • Vision
    • a large selection of mobile and stationary devices
    • handheld and desktop video magnifiers
    • large print and audio output devices for a variety of tasks
    • Screen reading options
  • Communication
    • a full spectrum of simple to complex devices to enable and/or enhance communication
    • accessories for communication devices
  • Hearing
    • Amplified phones and headsets
    • Signaling devices (i.e. doorbell, safety alarms, baby monitor, etc.)
    • Personal amplification options and systems
    • TV amplifiers
  • Mobility, Seating, and Positioning devices and accessories
  • Computer Access
    • alternative, accessible, and ergonomic input devices (i.e. keyboards, mice, and switches)
    • Speech to text, text to speech, and other software options
    • Office ergonomics (i.e sit to stand desks , adjustable ergonomic chairs, adjustable keyboard trays etc.)
  • Learning and Cognition
    • devices, computer software, and apps to support learning
    • memory aids
  • Vehicle modifications
  • Toy and Sensory Room with adapted toys, ball pit, sensory room ideas and light box.
  • Many other devices not listed

People who benefit from our Demonstration Center:

  • People of all ages with disabilities and/or health conditions
  • Family members, friends, and caretakers
  • Service Providers (health care, education, employment, independent living, human services, etc.)
  • Businesses
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Students
  • Civic groups and the General Public

How people benefit from our Demonstration Center:

  • Hands-on exploration of assistive technology devices
  • Information on latest assistive technology options
  • Awareness of a wide array of possible solutions
  • Information to support informed decision making on best options to meet individualized needs
  • Manufacturer and Vendor sources
  • Immediate access to Device Loan program to trial devices in your chosen environments