State Improvement Initiatives

IATP strives to improve “access to, provision of, and funding for, assistive technology devices and assistive technology services” as required by the AT Act through a variety of state initiatives. We work with multiple other entities through coordination and collaboration and technical assistance activities to achieve improved policies, practices, and procedures on a statewide level.

Policy Efforts

IATP works to educate all our state and federal legislators on current AT issues that affect Illinois residents with disabilities and their families. We work with legislators to get bills passed that impact access to and acquisition of Assistive Technology (AT). On the federal level, this involves meeting with legislators to educate them on how AT related legislation and funding is crucial to ensuring Illinois residents can enhance their independence and participation in all aspects of life through AT programs and services. We provide information specific to Illinois needs so that they can make informed decisions regarding their support for AT legislation and funding.

On the state level, some of our recent efforts include the following:

  1. Public Act 102-0841 (SB 3474-Koehler/Avelar):  Provides that, beginning in the 2023-24 school year, parents must be provided information about the Illinois ABLE account program at their child’s annual IEP review meeting. The Illinois ABLE program is administered by the State Treasurer.  The Treasurer’s office is required to prepare the informational material about ABLE accounts and deliver it to the State Board of Education.  The State Board will then distribute the material to school districts in Illinois. The information will be included in the packet of documents provided to the parents in advance of the annual IEP review meeting.  This bill was signed into law on May 13, 2022, and became effective immediately. IATP was the lead proponent of this legislation in collaboration with the State Treasurer’s office and the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities.
  2. Public Act 102-0600(HB 2616-Yang-Rohr/Fine): Creates an exemption to the State Procurement Code to allow for the expeditious acquisition by State agencies of AT, adaptive equipment, modifications, adjustments, repairs and replacement parts to provide reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities who are employees, customers or job applicants. This bill was signed into law on August 27, 2021, and became  effective immediately. IATP was the lead proponent of this legislation, which was endorsed by the State Task Force on Employment and Economic Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities, the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities, Equip for Equality and others.
  3. Public Act 101-515 incorporated language about Response to Intervention (RTI) and Multiple Tier System of Supports (MTSS) including provisions on informing and engaging parents and use of scientifically valid measures and evidence based interventions. This is the first statutory language on RTI/MTSS in the School Code since Illinois started to implement it in 2008.
  4. Public Act 100-993 ensured that all parents of students with Individualized Education Plans(IEPs) are notified at least at the annual IEP review meeting about the IEP team’s responsibility to consider the student’s AT needs as required by the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and provide IATP’s toll-free number to parents if they have questions about AT.

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