Information and communications technologies (ICT) is a broad term that refers to all products and technologies that are used to create, access, manipulate, store, retrieve, transmit, or receive information and communications in a digital format. It is critical that ICT be accessible to all individuals.

IATP provides training on the importance, development, application, and integration of accessibility for information and communication technologies. Examples include:

  • Federal and state laws related to accessible ICT requirements and compliance
  • Organization infrastructure to address accessibility
  • How to develop accessible documents (i.e. Word, PDF, Power Point, Google Docs)
  • How to remediate inaccessible documents
  • Development of accessible multimedia and websites
  • Procurement policies
  • Accessible communications
  • Other technology and communication components related to ICT infrastructure

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ICT Resources

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Information Communication Technology (ICT) Accessibility Presentations and Resources

Technical Staff Training – What is accessibility? #A11Y

Illinois Education and Technology Conference – Accessibility: What is it, and why is it a law?

Illinois Education and Technology Conference – How do you know your stuff is Accessible?

How to make Accessible Documents

Microsoft Accessibility Checker What You Need To Worry About – NEW!

Automated Accessibility Testing Tools

Functional Accessibility Evaluator 2.1

WebAim WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool

Best Practices and Tools

Vision Australia Document Accessibility Toolbar (DAT)

WebAIM: Microsoft Word

Google Accessibility

Web Accessibility Initiative – Easy Check Guidelines