Meet Helen

Helen is 96 and has vision loss due to macular degeneration. She was a former seamstress and loved making and wearing beautiful clothing. She shared that her visit to IATP was prompted after someone mentioned she was wearing a red blouse with a pink skirt. She vowed to never let that happen again. Helen received services from three programs on her visit. She tried many devices in the AT Demonstration Center and found a magnifier that she wanted to try in her own home. Through our Device Lending Program she was able to take it with her and trial it for a five week period. The Reuse Program provided her with a free Color Identifier that will ensure that she never again wears pink with red. A trifecta!

Meet Jacob

In January of 2018, Jacob was involved in a vehicle accident that left him with a T3-T4 spinal cord injury. After almost two years of rehab, Jacob could not return to his physically demanding profession as a lineman, so in the fall of 2019 he began his first semester of university studies where he will seek a degree to become a certified public accountant. Limited use of his left arm has made keyboarding, and overall computer access difficult. Jacob was referred to IATP by his Illinois Department of Human Services, Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) counselor for an assistive technology evaluation. He is pictured at his new height adjustable desk, using his laptop equipped with voice recognition software. Jacob is a tall man at 6’3″. Prior to receiving his height adjustable workstation, he didn’t have a single table in his home that was high enough to accommodate his wheelchair, and he was trying to complete his full-time online course load while balancing a computer on his lap. All of Jacob’s equipment was provided to him through the Fast Track Program.