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My Visit to IATP – A Thank You Letter from Ellie

Ellie Maroon and her niece in the demonstration center
September 29, 2021 was a very exciting day for me! My niece had come for a visit and while doing some research, found an agency (IATP) in Springfield that provides access to equipment for people with disabilities. We made an appointment to see what equipment was available for individuals with low vision.

I was completely awestruck when we got to IATP and saw all the possibilities for helpful items that I could use at home. We received a tour and demonstrations of many items. We determined that I could really benefit from a CCTV and one was available through the Reuse Program to take home that day!

I will be forever grateful for this. I use it every day and sometimes several times a day. I use to have trouble reading newspapers, magazines, recipes, directions for food preparation and many other things. So, I very much want to give a huge thank you to IATP for such a wonderful service and the staff who were so welcoming, helpful and have made my life much easier.

Very Gratefully,

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