What do National Autism month, Parkinson’s awareness month, Occupational Therapy month, Financial Literacy month, and National Volunteer month have in common? They are all national month long observances for the month of April and share a connection to IATP programs and services.

Contact IATP to learn more about assistive technology (AT) options and possible solutions to assist those who experience Autism or Parkinson’s. You can see, try, and trial AT devices for free.

IATP extends our recognition and appreciation to all occupational therapists who work to support people of all ages and abilities to participate in everyday activities. We especially express our gratitude to those that work to ensure individuals have the assistive technology devices and services that best meet their needs!

IATP is a nonprofit direct lender that provides financial loans and credit builder loans for the purchase of assistive technology. Contact us to learn more about the loan program and financial literacy support options for those with disabilities.

IATP has a variety of volunteer opportunities. Contact us if you are interested in helping to support any of our AT programs or services or just want to learn more about AT.

Happy Springtime from all of us at IATP!

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