John, a registered nurse for the past 40 years, was born with some facial paralysis, causing an inability for one eye to close on its own. As time went on, his overall vision deteriorated. He was informed that the strength of his glasses had reached their maximum benefit. Given that his job requires him to review medical charts to help prepare patients for surgery, his vision is critical. John was crushed by the news that the prognosis for his sight and future employment was poor. Fortunately, his eye doctor gave him information about IATP. John said, “It was like a breath of fresh air. I had hope again.” IATP provided device demonstrations that allowed John to compare features of different devices that would enhance his field of vision. He borrowed equipment from the Device Loan Program and was able to determine which would best suit his needs. John is still able to work in surgery thanks to special software for his computer, a camera that can project the image of documents on a larger computer screen and a big keys keyboard.