Coming January 2023…

IATP’s expansion and new location brings a brand-new accessible Kitchen Program that will offer free cooking classes to Illinois residents with any disabilityOur new facility features a home style kitchen that showcases accessibility and technology tools that make cooking possible, easier, and safer. Initially the program will focus on serving those who receive services from one of the major bureaus of the Illinois Division of Rehabilitation Services. However, if you need help, please contact us for more information. No matter the type of disability, we can help someone learn or improve their cooking skills and try different technologies to make things easier.

Learn to:
  • Cook when your hands are shaky or clumsy
  • Prepare food when seated in a wheelchair, scooter, or rollator
  • Follow a recipe when you can’t see or read well
  • Organize and stay focused when cooking
  • Prepare and cook efficiently to avoid getting overtired
  • Plan for and cook tasty food that matches your dietary needs
  • Use kitchen technology that addresses your specific disability needs
  • Practice kitchen safety
  • Gain confidence to cook for yourself or your family and friends

  • And much more

Using assistive technology to empower independence and confidence for cooking; it’s IATP’s recipe for success!

IATP Tech Kitchen

IATP’s Tech Kitchen Program Provides:

  • Customized Cooking Classes: Classes focus on increasing independence and confidence in the kitchen. Trainings are based on the participant’s goals and include cooking, baking, nutrition, shopping, budgeting, menu planning, and more. Training time will vary, but averages 6-12 hours across one or more days.

  • Assistive Technology (AT) Kitchen Tool Recommendations: During the application and planning process, IATP staff work with participants to set specific goals and create a plan for choosing and using assistive technology tools in the kitchen. Participants can try different tools and ideas to decide what works best for them.

  • Professional Staff: The IATP Kitchen has a full-time professional chef who will teach you to prepare tasty food and licensed Occupational Therapy staff trained to use assistive technology and techniques to address your specific disability needs.

  • Online Resources: Accessible recipes, AT demonstration videos, smart home solutions, and accessibility ideas.
  • Community Resources: IATP staff are available for remote or in-person cooking demonstrations and trainings. Great for businesses, schools, and groups who want to learn how to make cooking accessible to everyone.