Illinois Assistive Technology Program

Independent Living Through Technology

ISBE AT and AAC Evaluation Services

The purpose of the IATP’s Assistive Technology and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AT/AAC) Evaluation Program is to coordinate, plan, and perform AT and AAC evaluations for school districts throughout the entire state of Illinois, free of charge. Along with providing evaluations, IATP’s AT/AAC Evaluation Program is also designed to help school districts with training on new assistive technology and augmentative communication devices which are recommended in the evaluations.

COVID-19 Evaluation Process and Procedures

The ISBE evaluation team is fully aware of the difficult choices districts must make this school year due to concerns related to COVID-19. We want to assure staff, families, and students that IATP’s ISBE 3-21 Evaluation program is available to conduct AT and AAC evaluations throughout the state of Illinois for the 2020-21 school year. In addition to our standard on-site evaluations, we will offer remote evaluations. Our initial referral page will ask you which type of evaluation you would prefer. Please note, with proper consent from parents/guardians we will also conduct evaluations for students learning remotely from home. While conducting in-person evaluations our staff will take every precaution to protect students and staff, including masks/face shields, gloves, and gowns (if necessary). We disinfect each piece of equipment thoroughly with sanitizing wipes and have added the additional step of sanitizing our devices with individual UV wands. The details of the remote evaluations will be determined based on need and available technology within the district. We know these are challenging times for schools and families, perhaps especially so for our students with an IEP or 504 plan. Our team is committed to providing continuing services for these students. Feel free to contact us with questions or concerns regarding the evaluation process.

To request an AT/AAC evaluation: AT/AAC Online Evaluation Request

Student receiving an AAC assessment

ISBE Alternative Formats Request System

IATP is an Authorized User (AU) of the National Instructional Materials Access Center (NIMAC). This gives IATP the ability to look up textbooks and other common instructional materials for Illinois school districts K-12 in multiple databases. With provided proof that the school district owns that textbook and instructional material, IATP will be able to give the requester raw alternative format files from NIMAC, or be able to point the requestor in the appropriate direction on how to attain those alternative formats.

To request alternative formats: Alternative Format Request System